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Lesson plan contents vary and most of them follow this format:

  • Preparation (Optional)
  • Introduction (Optional)
  • Activity Steps
  • Clean Up
  • Conclusion


This helps you provide an outline of what you will do and what you need to prepare for the activity which may include the preparation of materials to be used.


Introduce your lesson using a quotation, games, an overview of the lesson or any form of motivation making sure to take into consideration the learning styles of your target students so you can utilize teaching methods that would work well for everyone. Vocabulary terms may also be discussed on this part.

Activity Steps

  • You may include activities that encourage student-to-student, teacher-to-student, and student-to-teacher interaction in order to maintain your students’ interest all throughout the lesson. This will also enhance their relationship and communication skills. 
  • The Activity Steps contain two sections; one is for the written steps while the one is for the image or video showing or featuring what is on the written steps. Adding both image and video in one step cannot be done simultaneously, it is either an image or a video alone.
  • The Activity Steps should have an image or video which will serve as a reference to the reviewer.
  • Videos to be added must be uploaded and embedded on YouTube.
  • The first step of the Activity Steps should be distributing the materials. It must also include the bulleted list of the materials together with the quantity the students will use.

Clean Up

Teach and help the students to foster responsibility and cleanliness.

Wrap Up/Analysis/Conclusion

A quick summary of the concepts and ideas discussed in the lesson is a way to end it. You may also give them a preview of what the next lesson will be.

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