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Understanding the Lesson Plan Status Tabs

The Inbox feature displays all the lesson plans in various states and facilitates the process from creation to publication. On this page, you can find the following information:

  1. Tabs are categorized based on the status of the lessons. The following tabs are available for a Creator and Reviewer:
    • All: this tab displays all the lessons regardless of the status.
    • Created: this tab displays all the lesson plans that have been created.
    • Changes Required: this tab displays all lesson plans that need revision/editing.
    • Denied: this tab displays all lesson plans that were denied/disapproved.
  2. Search Bar & Show Number of Entries
    • Search Bar: this Search Bar is available in all of the tabs, you can use this field to narrow your search.
    • Show Number of Entries: this option enables you to display the number of lesson plans on the page from 10, 25, 50, and 100 entries.
  3. List of Lessons: these are the entries that are displayed with the most recent activity displayed first. Unread lessons are highlighted in light gray.
  4. Notifications: the notifications appear beside the Inbox feature on the Navigation Menu showing the number of new tasks that need to be completed.

Note: Additional features are available for users with higher credentials. It is worth noting that the availability of some features/functionality varies based on the account type. (ie. Creator, Reviewer, Manager, Admin). For Managers and Admins, Ready for Review and Accepted are available in Lesson Status Tabs.

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